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Let's try this again

The party will be rescheduled once more to this weekend, Saturday the 17th. I do hope you all can make it. And that the town cooperates for once.

((Details here, feel free to reply to this or that thread if you wish to attend.))

Oct. 9th, 2009

[The following is in English and then again in Japanese]

The party has been postponed. Again. Until everyone can understand each other again.

Oct. 3rd, 2009

Everyone has recovered I trust?

The party has been rescheduled to Saturday the 10th. Be sure to come~

((Information can be found here. Feel free to RSVP in this thread if you haven't already))

Sep. 25th, 2009

The party has been postponed until further notice.

((Remilia can be found in the attic. She's not lookin' too good.))

Invitation to a party

[This is sent to all houses with confirmed true people as per a list likely compiled by Sakuya, who we can assume is very thorough, being the perfect maid that she is. Thus, all of you.]
You are cordially invited to a party hosted by Remilia Scarlet, lady of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and youngest descendent of lord Vlad Tepes.

The gathering will be strictly social and in good faith, absolutely no violence will be prohibited on the premise.

The gathering shall be held at 767 Bunker Street this Saturday, September 26th. Alcohol and food will be provided to all guests, but guests are further required to bring their own food dish to compliment our fare.

I do hope you will join me for this night of lighthearted merriment and diversion. Please respond either by mail, phone, or in person if you wish to attend.

Remilia Scarlet

((OOC: Anybody who will be attending feel free to post a response and say if you are/are not coming. Something Remilia is obviously NOT stating here is that she is going to be discreetly sampling the blood of her guests, possibly using methods like drugged tea or other distractions to carefully extract the blood without their noticing. The sampling will likely be small, but she is going to see who tastes best.

On that note, those who are OK with this happening please also say so. Feel free to give a synopsis of the character's personality and how you think they'd taste, if you feel so inclined, otherwise I'll figure it out for myself.

For the unaware, Remilia has bat wings and pointed canines meant for drinking blood, so she is very obviously a vampire. Asura has agreed to lower the creepy eye doom cloud that is around the house for the party, but Remilia may browbeat him into bringing it down around when the invitations go out, pending Asura-mun's approval. Have fun!))

Sep. 13th, 2009

[To residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, unhackable]

What abilities has everyone regained?

[To Asura]

Father, I expect we shall soon be seeing guests. Clean the house and make it presentable. Also, while the decor is generally pleasant, it simply won't do. Change it.

Sep. 7th, 2009


Hmmm... so that's what it is.

[Filtered to Sakuya, unhackable]

I no longer can subside on normal food. I will need you to resume your duties refining blood for me.

((People who know Remilia or see her may notice that, in addition to having bat wings she also has sharp vampiric canines.))

Aug. 22nd, 2009

Kamina was it?

I demand a rematch.

In deference to your victory last time, I won't kill you after I win~

Aug. 2nd, 2009


*A loud crashing sound can be heard as Asura goes FLYING out of his house, through a window, and into a tree, which snaps in half by the force of his impact.*


Remilia Scarlet

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